“Benvenuti” at Lucca Casa – about us:

Hundreds of companies represented on the Internet sell real estate in Italy ….

We do not sell real estate (of course, we do it, but …) – we offer you a leisurely morning on the balcony or in the garden when the sun is just starting to shine, a cup of Italian nespresso (or cappuccino), fresh pastries from the bakery, the latest news on the Internet and a discussion with your household – and what will we do today and where will we go? On the sea? Or in the mountains, for a walk? Or stay at home and just sit in the shade on the balcony or in the garden? The choice is yours !

And how else can we help you and what can we offer you?

After you choose a house, apartment, villa, rustico – everything that you like – please, contact us, we will give you additional information, we will advise where and how to buy a ticket to Pisa (the airport in Tuscany), we will meet you at the airport. We have good relations with the hotels in Bagni di Lucca, we will advise you where to stay (at a very reasonable price). We will listen to what you are interested in and what you want to see and visit, tell you about our property and show you all those that you liked and which tuned with your interests and preferences.

We have been selling property for more than 20 years, that means that we know what we are talking about and what we offer, and what pitfalls can be encountered in the selections process, purchase and registration of real estate. We also will not leave you on your own after buying a property. We will advise and support you in carrying out (if necessary) house maintenance, assist with management, cleaning, renting a house. We will advice on insurance of your housing and property. We will help you to solve all those issues that the owner of the house abroad is facing.

We work in the neighbourhood of Lucca, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi in small mountain villages where we have chosen the best real estate for you.

In a word: you can rely on us and do that why you came to Italy … namely – enjoy and relax.


“Arrivederci a Lucca”

Rene & Giovanni

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